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Synonyms for ‘With Love’ | List, Meanings and Use in Sentences


When you want to express affection and care, the phrase “with love” is a go-to choice. But sometimes, it’s nice to have other words to use to keep your messages fresh and heartfelt. Here, we’ll explore various synonyms for “with love,” their meanings, and how you can use them in sentences. Whether you’re writing a letter, sending a card, or composing a heartfelt message, these alternatives can add a special touch.

Synonyms for ‘With Love’

Here’s a handy table to help you understand different synonyms for “with love,” their meanings, and examples of how to use them in sentences.

Synonym Meaning Use in Sentences
Affectionately With fondness and tenderness She signed the letter affectionately, expressing her heartfelt feelings.
Fondly With affection and warmth He looked at the old photos fondly, remembering the good times.
Warm regards Best wishes with warmth and affection She ended her email with warm regards, hoping to stay in touch.
Lovingly With great care and love He placed the flowers on her grave lovingly.
Heartfelt Sincerely and with deep feeling They sent their heartfelt condolences to the grieving family.
Cordially Warmly and sincerely The invitation was extended cordially, making everyone feel welcome.
Tenderly With gentle affection and care She held the baby tenderly, smiling with joy.
Devotedly With loyalty and strong affection He supported her devotedly through all the challenges.
Kind regards Best wishes with kindness and warmth He finished the letter with kind regards, showing his care.
Best wishes Expressing good intentions and hope She sent her best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Why Use Synonyms for ‘With Love’?

Using synonyms for “with love” can help keep your messages varied and more expressive. It shows that you’ve put thought into your words, making your communication more personal and meaningful. Whether you’re writing to family, friends, or colleagues, choosing the right synonym can convey the exact sentiment you intend.

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How to Choose the Right Synonym

Selecting the best synonym depends on the context and the relationship you have with the person you’re writing to. Here are some tips:

  • Affectionately and fondly are great for close friends and family.
  • Warm regards and cordially are suitable for more formal or professional relationships.
  • Lovingly and tenderly are perfect for romantic partners or very close family members.
  • Heartfelt and devotedly express deep, sincere emotions.
  • Kind regards and best wishes are versatile and can be used in a variety of situations.

By considering these tips, you can ensure that your messages are always appropriate and touching.


Finding the right words to express your feelings can make a big difference in how your messages are received. By using these synonyms for “with love,” you can add variety and depth to your communication. Whether you’re writing a simple note or a lengthy letter, these alternatives will help you convey your feelings perfectly. So go ahead, choose the synonym that best fits your sentiment, and share your heart with those you care about!

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