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Size of Personal Checks


Personal checks are a crucial part of financial transactions, even in the digital age. Understanding their size and format is essential for proper usage and customization. This guide will cover everything you need to know about personal check sizes, from standard dimensions to considerations for custom checks.

What Are Personal Checks?

Personal checks are written orders directing a bank to pay a specified sum of money from the check writer’s account to the person or entity named on the check.

Standard Size of Personal Checks

The standard size for personal checks in the United States is 6 inches in width and 2.75 inches in height. This size accommodates the necessary information and ensures compatibility with check processing machines.

Components of a Personal Check

  • Account Holder’s Information: Name and address of the account holder.
  • Check Number: Unique number for tracking each check.
  • Bank Information: Name and address of the issuing bank.
  • Routing Number: A nine-digit code that identifies the bank.
  • Account Number: The account holder’s bank account number.
  • Signature Line: Where the account holder signs to authorize the check.
  • Date Line: Date the check is written.
  • Payee Line: The recipient of the funds.
  • Amount Line: The amount to be paid, written in words.
  • Numeric Amount Box: The amount to be paid, written in numbers.
  • Memo Line: Optional line for noting the purpose of the check.

Why Check Size Matters

The standard size ensures compatibility with ATMs, banking software, and check processing equipment. It also provides enough space for all necessary information.

Custom Personal Checks

Custom checks can feature different designs, colors, and themes. However, they must still adhere to the standard size and format to be processed correctly.

How to Order Custom Checks

You can order custom checks through your bank or third-party suppliers. Ensure that any custom design does not interfere with the essential components of the check.

Check Printing and Alignment

Proper alignment is crucial for checks to be processed without errors. This includes correct placement of the MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) line, which contains the routing, account, and check numbers.

Checkbook Covers and Accessories

Checkbook covers come in various sizes and styles, designed to hold standard-sized personal checks along with a register for recording transactions.

Personal Checks vs. Business Checks

Business checks are typically larger, measuring 8.5 inches by 3.5 inches, and may include additional fields for recording transaction details.

Security Features in Personal Checks

Modern checks incorporate security features such as watermarks, microprinting, and special inks to prevent fraud and counterfeiting.

Bank Requirements and Standards

Banks may have specific requirements for checks, including minimum and maximum check amounts, endorsement procedures, and more. Always verify with your bank.

Environmental Considerations

Some check manufacturers offer eco-friendly options, using recycled paper and soy-based inks. Consider these options to reduce your environmental footprint.

FAQs About Personal Checks

  • Can I use a non-standard size check? Non-standard sizes may not be processed correctly and could be rejected by banks.
  • Are custom checks more expensive? Custom checks can be more expensive due to design and printing costs.
  • Can I print my own checks? Yes, but they must meet all bank requirements and include necessary security features.


Understanding the size and specifications of personal checks is essential for their proper use. Whether you choose standard or custom checks, ensure they comply with bank standards to avoid processing issues.

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